Using Social Media to Reach Your Business Goals

Chances are you already utilize a social media tool for your personal life, but Social Media can also help you to promote your business and enhance your business goals. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in particular offer you the option to expand your brand identify, help you connect you with potential customers and help you engage potential mentors and stakeholders. Also blogs, e-newsletters, and multimedia can further provide credibility to your business brand while positioning you as an expert in your particular field.

Specifically, Social Media Can:

Provide visibility for your company and your services

Provide inexpensive advertising options


Help you to enhance your business service options

Create buzz to promote your business services and products

Getting Started: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

There are hundreds of Social Media Platforms. The most popular are Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. YouTube and Vimeo also offer the ability to showcase your business through video. There are also numerous online resources to help you get started. Some resources are listed below.


Content: Telling Your Company’s Story

You should develop a content plan and a plan for posting on social media. The plan should be tied to your business plan and objectives. Content should focus on what you offer your customer base, your service profile, information about your business activities, staff participation in events relevant to your company, and awards. The utilization of photos, infographics, and other videos can best illustrate your objectives. In keeping your content relevant, it’s also a good idea to keep up with other businesses in your industry sector through news reports and social media.

A Word About Blogs

There are numerous social media blog sites that offer you the opportunity to promote your business through subject matter relevant to your customer or client profiles. Medium, WordPress and Reddit are popular blog sites that give you the opportunity to showcase your company’s strategic thought process.


Design a Social Media Plan

Research is a critical component for your plan. If you have a marketing profile of your potential customer, even better. It’s important to utilize platforms your audience is most likely to utilize and to engage. A plan also allows you to set goals and to determine content topics and a distribution timeline. If you plan to use advertising it’s a good idea to determine an advertising budget for the platform of your choice.


Build Your Team But Know The Business

If you have staff building a team of professionals to help is one way to save time. However, it’s important you maintain a basic understanding of Social Media platforms to engage and provide strategic direction for your business outcomes.


Utilize Analytics to Make Sure You Are Reaching Your Core Audience

SproutSocial and Hootsuite offer free and low-cost options to monitor how you are reaching your audience.



Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and numerous other platforms offer options for allowing you to post to social media broadly in one program and in advance. Similarly, other resources including notes can help you to curate content.

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